Our Philosophy

How to suggest the wanderlust, to hint at the pleasure of enjoying the color of soil in Morocco, jungle flowers in Brazil, spices and silks in India, lagoons in Polynesia… ? Coming from Italy, Evviva is dedicated to the lifestyle and travel lovers and likes to call its users “The Cosmopolitans”. Using Evviva means being a part of a community: the citizens of the world.

Collecting its inspiration from travels, Evviva conveys a certain zest for life through rich colors and patterns, explosion of positive vibes, to live each new day within energy of colors and emotions.

Our Inspiration

Positioning itself as a lifestyle brand, Evviva developed a line of products to create a nice, modern and relaxing atmosphere. Using a delicate mix between warm and cold colors, the designs will dress up the space. Surrounded by the subtle fragrances, the users will be able to relax and enjoy the moment.

Evviva signature is the pattern used on the products and the exquisites fragrances inspired by the Italian iconic scents and some inspiring destinations visited worldwide. Inspired by prints and colors seen during the travels, Evviva’s pattern embraces the products like a second skin, fitting closely the packaging and creating a captivating design.


Our Promise

Evviva selects his ingredients very carefully. The formulations are using botanical ingredients and natural essential oils to respect the environment and the skin of our users. Their unique scents trigger emotions and memories.

Following the eco-friendly initiative, Evviva is also using recyclable packaging and all the body and hair care products are biodegradable.

  • Skin Friendly Formulations
  • All products are Paraben free
  • All products are Petroleum free
  • All products are GMOs free
  • All products are Phthalate free
  • All cleansing products are SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) free