• Lilac & Orchid
    Infused with fresh tangerine, lily of the valley and amber, the Pure Floral diffuser delivers a sensational natural aroma.
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  • Apple & Grapefruit
    When the reeds soak up the aromas of Apples and Grapefruit followed by the refreshing smell of Lily and Sandalwood, the delightful fragrance will perfume the room and remind you of the relaxing strolls in the gardens.
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  • White Tea & Rose
    The fresh notes of lemon tea, roses and musk will diffuse their scents throughout the room and create a warm atmosphere. Warm memory is the perfect choice for a cosy day spent at home.
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  • Citrus & Amber
    Spicy Floral offers a soothing balance between olives, citrus, lily of the valley, jasmine, amber and musk. The ingredients mingle perfectly and create a savoury fragrance in the room.
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  • Fresh Mint & Grass Aroma
    The Oriental Secret combines herbal leaves, grapefruit, cucumber, osmanthus and cedar wood to create a rich and soothing fragrance. The scents of the fresh mint, cucumber and sea breeze are wonderful to contrast with the grass aroma that will make you feel warm and relaxed.
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