How to suggest the wanderlust, to hint at the pleasure of enjoying the color of soil in Morocco, jungle flowers in Brazil, spices and silks in India,  lagoons in Polynesia… ?

Collecting its inspiration from travels, Evviva conveys a certain zest for life through rich colors and patterns, explosion of positive vibes, to live each new day within energy of colors and emotions.

An ode to life

Coming from Italy, Evviva is dedicated to the travelers or travel lovers. The brand likes to call its users “The Cosmopolitans”. Using Evviva means being a part of a community: the citizens of the world.

The brand aims to believe that as soon as you smell the enchanting fragrance, you will be transported to your dream destination.


Inspired by prints and colors seen during the travels, Evviva’s pattern embraces the products like a second skin, fitting closely the packaging and creating a captivating design…
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